Friday, July 25, 2008

I miss my high school girls.

Liz got married last month on a farm down in Northfield, her hometown. On a small budget, she threw an amazing party, surrounded by those from every part of her life. She is lucky enough to be close by to so many people she grew up with and unspeakably far from others. But she and Wil are adventure seekers and already planning their next move.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

There's a new member of the Jones family...

My parents have been on the edge of buying a new puppy as a friend for Fanny and further amusement for them...until now. Last week I got this email from my mother...

Subj: Because your dad is certifiable

Body: since he bought this piglet (see below). The little pig thinks that Fanny is her mother, and tries to suckle the terrified rat terrier. There is never a dull moment in this house.

They asked my what they should name it. I said Winston if it's a boy and Lucy if it's a girl. Lucy, it is. My parents can't shut up about Lucy and I love asking about her. According to reports from my mom and dad, apparently Lucy:

a) Loves to play fight with Fanny, who has warmed up to the piglet. Fanny is obviously bigger so has the upper hand (paw/hoof.) For now. Just give it a few months you holy adorable terror (haha...terror sounds like terrier...haha. WORDPLAY! Haha, I'm lame.)
b) Is more potty trained than Fanny. Lucy will go outside immediately. My parents were very proud of that.
c) Loves to root around in blankets/hay and burrow her little heart out. Even more so than the beloved rat terrier.
d) Will follow behind my dad, trying with all her might to keep up, as he walks Fanny up and down the hill.
e) Has become a inside/outside pig. She sleeps in a crate in the basement. They're hoping she's a pot-belly but I don't think it really matters.
f) Will be bestest friends forever and ever with Fanny, holy adorable terrior.

Fanny and Lucy's friendship is DEFINITELY a children's story waiting to happen. Like...they've met, developed an immediate connection. They've become best friends, even though their differences are unique and vast. Fanny, the wild beast, will be ostracized from the family after causing too much destruction. In an attempt to separate them, my father will starting wielding animated shotguns. Though Fanny & Lucy love each other and want to remain bestest friends for all of enternity, their differences ultimately tear them apart and they sing a heart breaking ditty that has tears streaming from a 27 year old girl's face.


Hey Mama, I know I act a fool but, I promise you I'm goin back to school, quoteth Fanny.

Then Fanny will indeed go back to school, join a sorority, earn a law degree from Harvard and show all of us that we completed underestimated her.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Spring Break 2009: GHANA!

This is another song on the Bi-Annual Jonesie mix. This song often blares out of my car speakers when I want a joyful release. This video just surfaced in the past few days. The part around the fire. Hot. Everything about it makes me very VERY happy.

The first time I saw M.anifest perform was at the First Ave Best New Bands Showcase. My mind was blown so hard that I somehow managed to wave my hands in the air WHILST taking pictures. It was an embarrassingly awesome sight to be seen.

Also, he's hot. Super hot. And super smart. And super nice. Hot.

My mom's contract was renewed at the high school (big mess, very low funds for public schools (thanks G Dubs), lots of familial crabbiness)and she let me know this by telling me that they could indeed afford to have me get married this year (haha...funny...not gonna happen, SO not even close, though a fiance would be nice right now mainly cause I need a dude to put in my AC.) Then she realized that I'm not my sister, I won't be having a traditional wedding (whenever it happens in the next 1-7 decades) and retracted it by saying "or you know, a destination wedding."


Just kidding, M.anifest, please don't be creeped out by me. Seriously, I kid! I kid! Besides, I'm too insecure about relationships to allow them to happen, though a Ghana fantasy seems awfully nice right now!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bi-Annual Jonesie Mix Means She's Still Breathing...

June was a crazy month. Top ten, in short...

1) My sister got married. It was amazing and beautiful and intense. My dad did a booty dance to Drop It Like It Hot at the reception. One of the best moments of my life.

2) I bawled for a week straight when I got back from Missouri. We're talking fetal position and pacing bawling. Sometimes, I miss my family and my home city so much that it hurts. Regardless, I still know I could never happily live in Kansas City.

3) I'm back working at the U. Thank god. I still miss my old department like mad and am trying like crazy to get back there. We shall see...

4) I moved out of WonderTwin Manor and am currently subleasing G's Palace until September. With a cat. After Ginger passed away, I became MUCH LESS of a cat person. Also, I miss air conditioning, though sleeping nakie every night is fun.

5) Photography is going extraordinarily well. Getting lots of great gigs through bands and the newspaper. Also, I was a multiple choice option, alongside my mentors, for 89.3's The Local Show on who was the in-house photographer for First Ave. Holy Sh*t! Yes, I still realize I have a helluva long way to go.

6) I shot the Drive-By Truckers at First Ave last week. Though they've become much less radical with the loss of Jason Isbell, it still blew my mind when I finally heard Zip City live. So much so that I HAD to find one of my people to experience it with. Kyle was hidden. Jim had run off. Luckily, I spotted the hat and ran up to Swardson with my shit eating grin and yelled out "THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SONGS!" Also, It sort of dawned on me how lucky I am. I got into music photography not knowing how I would do it or what I was doing or where I was going and there I was with my camera in the barred off area right in front of a sold out crowd in one of my favorite venues in the nation, my face against the stage, as my idols tore it apart a foot away from me. I'm not slowing down any time soon.

7) This madness is on YouTube. Taken out of context of the play and not knowing me, yes, I do realize how bat shit crazy I look. But I'm still really proud of that madness. And the naysayers can continue naysaying. Because I KNOW how lucky I am to have experienced this. So go on and call me annoying or insane because I experience such joy and freedom that no on can take it away. You all could use a little of that!

8) Team Tampax Pearls kicks major ass at 331 pub trivia! We've won two weeks in a row! And I laugh like a crazy woman all through it. Sunday nights have never been so much fun!

9) I have the greatest friends in the world. No lie. They keep me in line, keep me laughing, keep me honest, keep me humbled, keep me having a great time. Morgie and have been notified of your assignments but remember you MUST text and call me regularly to make sure I'm not too far inside the Jonesie noggin and going after the inaccessible again. Sha, thanks again for loaning me that slutty blue shirt to wear as I slept in your parents living room! I LOVE YOU ALL!

10) I'm almost done with my Bi-Annual mix. Just tweaking the order and the inclusion of a few songs. Here's videos for a few of the tunes that have meant the most to me in the past six months. Either cause of sobs or booty shakes!